The Beginning of the End

What an incredible past few weeks it has been for the pro-life movement! From spontaneous rallies, to feminists helping the cause, to signing bills into law that restrict abortion, we’ve had it all, folks. I’m not usually one to get my hopes up about the tides changing with an issue, but I have a feeling that this is the beginning of the end for the pro-abortion side.

On May 7th, Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia signed a bill into law that effectively outlaws abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy, usually when a heartbeat can be detected. Immediately, the media and the left (one and the same) became outraged and we heard the usual catchphrases that pro-abortion advocates use. “Her body, her choice!” “Men have no right to regulate a woman’s body!” “This is an attack on women’s rights!” You know, the usual. Nothing out of the ordinary.

But we also heard some rather new things in terms of how the Left was trying to shut this down. They began saying that this bill would imprison women for having miscarriages, that it would send women to prison for life if they had an abortion. But, as it turns out, every single one of these ridiculous claims is false, as pointed out by David French of National Review. This is just fear-mongering by the left because they are so terrified that they will lose the crown jewel of the Democratic platform, the right to murder innocent babies in the womb.

Think of how crazy you have to be to want babies to be murdered so badly that you’ll outright lie about a bill that’s being passed that will protect them. But this mattered not to the left.

Celebrities began saying that they would boycott the state of Georgia if Governor Kemp signed the bill into law. Of course, this didn’t phase him in the least because, in the end, the lives of the unborn are infinitely more important than appeasing a few Hollywood elites.

In response, outraged feminists, led by Alyssa Milano, launched a #SexStrike against men until the Georgia law was repealed. I’m sure that all 7 men who want to have sex with a feminist were deeply upset by this strike.

Alyssa Milano

But there were also many of us who were not upset by this strike. In fact, many were very happy. Somehow, in some sort of twisted way, feminists had found out that you can’t get pregnant if you don’t have sex. What an incredible discovery! Conservatives have been saying for years that in order to prevent abortions, people should stop “sleeping around” so they don’t run the risk having a baby they don’t want. But those in favor of abortion would always say something like, “Abstinence isn’t the answer!” Well, it actually is. It’s just an answer you don’t like because you’d rather be promiscuous and satisfy yourself instead of living as a moral person who takes responsibility for your actions.

I suppose one other reason that conservatives were very happy with this strike is that it means that feminists will be reproducing less, creating less of people like them.

Moving on to another win for the pro-life movement, on May 10th, roughly 1,000 people from around the country gathered outside of a Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia to hold a pro-life rally in response to videos that had gone viral of state representative Brian Sims’ bullying of pro-lifers. The idea to hold this rally was started by The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh by tweeting:


The idea took off from there as it began to gain support from organizations like Live Action. What makes this so incredible is that even though this rally was put together in less than a week, it received a large amount of support from people from all over the country. It goes to show that people truly do care about the pro-life movement, which also says a lot because the movement is not one where those who support it gain anything from it. Everyone who is pro-life is doing so to save the lives of others, unlike the pro-abortion side which is the exact opposite because it is full of people who murder innocent children for the gratification of themselves.

We now come to the law in Alabama that was passed this last week. To sum the bill up, it outlaws abortions completely and sends doctors who perform them to prison for potentially the rest of their lives. There are also no exceptions to allow abortions in cases of rape or incest. As you can imagine, pro-abortion fanatics lost their minds over this, calling it an attack on women’s rights, complaining how it’s only a bunch of old white men wanting to control women’s bodies, again, the usual points brought up. Another common phrase I saw in response to this bill were many leftists saying that Alabama ranks last in the United States in public education, and this somehow disqualifies them from restricting abortion, which makes sense because you don’t have to be “book smart” to know when something is immoral. So let’s break all of this down, shall we?

Let’s talk about the law itself first. As for doctors who perform abortion going to prison, I am absolutely, 100% all for this. I hold the same standard I do for murder, which is that the murderer should either be given the death penalty or sent to prison for life. And because an abortion “doctor” murders a human being every time they perform an abortion, the same consequences should follow.

When it comes to there being no exceptions for abortion due to rape or incest, I agree with this also. It is a very unpopular stance even amoungst pro-lifers, but if you start to make exceptions under which abortion is legal,  you dehumanize the baby simply because they were conceived under different circumstances. I believe that a human life is a human life no matter if it was started between a married couple, or between a non-married couple, or because a woman was raped. The baby is not any less valuable because of the circumstances.

An instant objection to this is the emotional and psychological damage it will cause the mother to carry the child. I’m not going to deny this. I cannot begin to fathom the trauma rape victims go through. But to respond to one evil with another evil will not solve anything. To commit murder because of rape will only make things worse. Remember, the baby you are carrying has value, you are not the only one who matters. On top of all of this, rape and incest combined account for less than 1% of all abortions. Those who are pro-choice like to use the hard cases of rape and incest and pretend that they happen regularly when in reality, they are very rare.

As for the arguments the other side tries to make in attempts to justify the slaughter of millions of innocent children, let’s go through a few of them.

  • “My body, my choice!” Nothing could be further from the truth. The baby that you are carrying is not your body. It might be dependant on you, but they are completely separate and individual human being. They have their own set of DNA, their own blood type, their own arms, legs, eyes, and nose. They are just as human as you are and you do not have the right to decide what to do with their life because it causes you an inconvenience.
  • “No uterus, no opinion!” “Men are trying to regulate women’s bodies!” These two arguments are basically the same. They are both saying that because you cannot experience something, it means that you cannot have an opinion on it. Because a man can never give birth (I know, controversial), he can’t have an opinion on abortion unless he agrees with the pro-abortion side, which makes no sense. Here are at least two reasons why these are bad arguments.
    • You do not need to experience something to have an opinion on it. If that were the case, no one could ever criticize the President of the United States except for past presidents because no one else knows what it’s like to be the president. No one would be able to take about professional sports except those who have played sports professionally, which again, is a very small group of people compared to those who have not. You can have an opinion on something without experiencing it because you can read books and articles and watch movies to learn things so you can gain knowledge on the topic. This leads to my second reason.
    • This is that you don’t need to be a woman to know that the murder of innocent babies is wrong. Anyone can know that. They just have to put aside their selfish, self-serving arguments and realize the truth.

The Left is trying to change the law of the land. They demand that guns be banned, and that speech and religion they don’t like should be banned, all of which is explicitly protected by the Constitution. But they also demand that universal healthcare and abortion are rights even though none of these things are mentioned in the Constitution. They have no regard for the rule of law and the value of life.

I know that everyone seems to be talking about abortion as of late and you might just be wanting to people to shut up and stop talking about it. But if we never start talking about it, then we’ll never be able to start ending this moral travesty and it will keep on going forever. Right now is the time for the fight and we’re going to fight this whether you’re along for the ride or not.

Many people shy away and don’t like talking about controversial topics, and that’s okay. But there comes a time when enough is enough. Over 61,000,000 innocent lives have been literally ripped apart since Roe v. Wade in 1973 and the majority of America has had enough of the bloodshed.

So far this year, 8 states have passed laws restricting abortion, while others have passed laws that allow abortions at any point during pregnancy and for any reason.

The war has begun.

Be ready, abortion fanatics. We’re coming for you. No longer will America sacrifice innocent lives at the altar of selfishness. We have had enough.


  1. The whole point of the pro-choice movement is the idea of CHOICE.
    You don’t believe in abortions, and that is fine! It’s great! But it is not fair that you get to take that choice away from everyone else.
    Abortions are very much needed in many cases. There’s no reason it should be necessary for a woman to go through with a pregnancy she does not want.


    1. I don’t believe there should be a choice for a woman who gets pregnant. She had to choice whether to get pregnant or not, but once she does get pregnant she should have no choice but to carry the baby. To end the pregnancy is to murder an innocent life for the sake of convenience.


      1. You do realize no method of birth control is 100% effective? In that case, abortion is a women’s right. Besides, you’re a boy. No offense but you shouldn’t have a say in this AT ALL since you don’t have a uterus.


      2. It’s simple. If you don’t want to risk having a baby, don’t have sex. As for me being a man and not being allowed to have an opinion on abortion, I literally addressed that in my post. You should go back and read it.


  2. This was very well written and got the point across extremely clear and I love it!!! I being a woman myself *cough avreet cough* and I am strictly pro-life! I like the point where abstinence is key because it really is KEY! Live your life with morals and when it comes down to you having a baby you will be in a good place, it’s as simple as that. I do have to point out a lot of the pro-choicers like to claim that this also outlaws safe abortions….. it doesn’t. Safe abortions are crucial to save the mother’s life, be it an eptopic pregnancy or something more serious, but normally that’s caught before 6 weeks and obviously not by the mothers choice. So I’m just saying to all those pro choice supporters, a lot of your all’s arguments can easily be disproven and disregarded a like 🤷‍♀️👌🏻

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Brendan, yeah I’ve been getting a lock of negative “pro-choice” flack on my page to. I totally agree with you, fortunately the “pro-choice” belief doesn’t have an argument at all. They claim “my body my choice”, but realistically the undeveloped baby inside them is another body that has the right to life too. It’s sick how the left has twisted the minds of Americans to make abortions look like a “civil right!”


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